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600 Series Dual Frame Aluminum Window

with the non-structural "T in the box" Thermal Barrier

The DeVAC 600 series is used in replacement and new construction projects.  Optional inner frame members can increase the 4 1/4' standard depth to 5", 6 5/8" and 11" to achieve acoustical performances exceeding a STC 50 rating.

The DeVAC 600 series is available as a fixed panel (Model 630), removable panel (Model 640), horizontal glider (Model 650), and double hung (Model 660).  All can be finished in both permanent anodized and durable painted finishes.  They have a wide variety of options and accessories, including types of glass, exterior panning and interior trims, vertical and horizontal mullion connectors, interior venetian blinds, and true divided and adhesively applied muntins.

The 600 Series Acoustical Windows

Exclusive dual pane/dual barrier design provides the highest STC (sound transmission class) available in fully operating windows.  STC's from 37 to 56 are obtainable in standard DeVAC window products glazed with common monolithic glass

The DeVAC product development team skillfully combined high performance features (resistance to air infiltration, thermal transfer, wind loading, and water penetration) with high tech sound attenuation techniques.  The result is a complete line of window products that architects and acoustic consultants can select from, for a transparent barrier to all exterior elements.

600 Series