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Secondary Glazing Applications

The DeVAC 400 series is also ideal as a "secondary" window when added to the interior or exterior of a existing single glazed window system.  This provides a cost effective solution to energy savings at a fraction of the cost of replacing windows.  In addition, this secondary glazing system is a proven method to reduce outside noise penetration.

Performance Standards (reports are available)

Air Infiltration-------under .15 CFM/FT crack @25 MPH

Water Resistance-----No leakage at 8.0 PSF (56 MPH)

Structural Load-------Resists 60 PSF (150MPH)

400 Series   Single Frame Non Thermo- Barrier

The DEVAC 400 Series offers high performance single frame aluminum windows for moderate temperature zones.  Resistance to air and water penetration, and the structural characteristics, are similar to the 600 Series making it a popular choice for the temperate weather of the Southern Regions.

Improved thermal performance can be achieved by glazing the vertical or horizontal sliding windows with 1/2" sealed insulating glass. We now offer up to 3/4" insulated glass in our vertical or slider window.  Fixed models can accept up to 1-1/4" insulated glass or panels.  The series can be coupled with interior and exterior trims used in the DeVAC "no tear out" replacement system.

400 Series